A Young Mum 's Journey from Fat to Fit..

ABBBC Wk 2 WrapUp

Week 2 – Wow! I used muscles I didn’t even know I had!!
Only 2 sessions again this week due to family difficulties.
And I got my ABBBC training singlet 😊

Tuesday was Run Club and Lower Body Endurance.

Run Club is basically a cardio builder. This week we started at 2 laps of the 400m track. And every fortnight
we will add another lap.
I surprised myself by managing to jog a whole lap before having to drop to a 10m walk/50m jog combo for the second lap.
I’m interested to see just how my cardio is improving, and Run Club will probably be the best way to judge my progress.

Lower body endurance left me with jelly legs!
First drill was to run up a hill, 10 squats where our bum had to hit the low barrier, jog back down the hill. Repeat 5 times.
Second drill was to jog to the first cone, 10 squats, jog back. Repeat for each subsequent cone at a further distance (4 cones total).
Third drill was walking lunges up the hill, 10 lunges on each leg with our leg up on the barrier, jog back. Repeat 5 times.
Fourth drill was walking lunges (flat surface) for 15m, sprint to the first cone, jog back. Repeat for each subsequent cone at a further distance (4 cones total).

Then Thursday came along, bringing the Fitness Testing with it.

Starting off with a Beep Test, I managed a score of Level 2/7.
I haven’t done a beep test since 10th grade, which was about 8 years ago! Still not a fan of it!

Then the endurance testing. Basically sets of 50 with increasing difficulty. That level had to be completed to move on to the next.

Lvl 1 was on knees, any range. Completed!
Lvl 2 was on knees, lowest range. Our boobs had to touch our partners fist resting below us. First time in a long time I wished I had bigger boobs so I didn’t have to drop as low!! But I competed that one too 🙂
Lvl 3 was up on our toes, any range. No where near the upper body strength for that yet, leaving me with a final score of Lvl 3/10 (meaning I did 10/50 of that level)

ABS: (Definitely my strong point surprisingly!)
Lvl 1 was sit ups, fingers to knees. Completed!
Lvl 2 was sit ups, elbows to knees. Completed!
Lvl 3 was a Plank for 60sec. Completed!
Lvl 4 was sit ups, arms crossed over chest, elbows to knees, feet flat. Completed!
Lvl 5 was a 3min Plank. I held it for 90secs, leaving me with a final score of Lvl 4/50.

Lvl 1 was shoulder width, 90degrees, any range. Completed!
Lvl 2 was shoulder width, 90 degrees, touch toes. I managed to pull 25. I just can’t get that low without bending forward (yet!) This left me with a score of Lvl 2/25.

Still thinking I have it easy?
And wait till you see next weeks line-up!

Weigh ins next week too – and you know what – I am honestly EXCITED! Who would’ve thought I’d EVER be excited about jumping on scales!


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